Why your company needs 2 Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication. Modern technology identity verification. Security code to access financial data online.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union came into effect a few months ago. It has established a set of rules to regulate the practices of data protection throughout the region, providing individuals with greater control of their privacy rights and protecting EU citizens from violations of privacy which can occur in an incident of a data breach. In compliance with GDPR, businesses all around the globe are reviewing their existing data protection policies and upgrading processes to implement the best practices to safeguard their user’s privacy. Following the recommendations of GDPR, it has become inevitable for IT support in London to incorporate ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ (2FA) as an effective security for sensitive business information shared through the cloud services. A 2-factor authentication supports the values of integrity and confidentiality preserved in the GDPR.
2-factor authentication is a structure that supports the use of two distinctive but related means to obtain identification of an individual. As compared to a reusable password, 2FA is a safer practice used for the authentication purpose.
It combines the random number of a token with a secret personal identification number (PIN) and the subsequent passcode offers a more reliable user identification. With the two-factor authentication, the identifying credentials will fall in two different categories, which can be either a password or a PIN only you know, something you own such as a mobile number, or something which cannot be replicated such as your fingerprint.
Data backup is essential for businesses because it is a valuable information and one can never predict the crash of a hard drive containing such information. Although cloud backup solutions such as Google Suite, Office 365, and Dropbox offer a secure way to store sensitive business information in the cloud, there is still a risk of security breach. Cloud storage solutions have been a primary target for hackers. Enabling 2-factor authentication includes an additional level of security, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind regarding the security of your data.
This also means that you must select a cloud backup service that allows you to have a 2FA. 2-factor authentication makes sure that only an authorized personnel can access the company’s secure information, even if a hacker tricks you to enter your email and password through a phishing email. With two factor authentication enabled for your cloud backup, every sign in attempt from an unidentified device would demand a secret code that can be received as a text message on your registered phone number or can be generated by an authenticator application installed on a registered device.

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