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When you’re looking for a long-term IT partner, why not choose one that does more than just solve problems? We work with you to improve your IT systems in the long run.

    • Filling in knowledge gaps. When your staff are struggling because they don’t know how to use something, our team takes the time to teach them.
    • Tackling repeated issues. If multiple members of your team report the same problem, we look at ways to adapt the system to their needs.
    • Proactive maintenance. We carry out proactive monitoring of all your systems to detect any early warning signs of malfunction or performance loss.  

We also know that your staff aren’t all IT-lovers like us, so we promise to keep it simple whenever we talk tech!

Lightning-fast response times

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting hours for IT assistance—especially when you’re in the middle of a busy workday! That’s why we provide fast, reliable help on-demand. 

Always ready for your call

At o21, we’ve structured our team to make sure your call is answered quickly. We assign you a dedicated account manager who you can call directly with any request.

Instant fixes from our remote helpdesk

We can troubleshoot many issues instantly through our state-of-the-art remote support and monitoring suite. This includes small issues such as “outlook isn’t working properly” through to larger network issues. 

Get an engineer on-site in record time

When you need us on-site, we can be there in as little as 40 minutes—or even sooner for top priority issues. We’re happy to visit you in person so we can deal with any IT issues quickly and get to know your team better.

Evolving your IT with your business needs

When your systems become outdated or fragmented, it often results in communication breakdowns between departments. This inevitably leads to frustrated staff, lost data, and other headaches.

To keep your business and systems in sync, we engage with key stakeholders at your business to create a robust IT roadmap. Our goal is to equip you correctly for the inevitable twists and turns on the road ahead, without disrupting your day-to-day business.

Make the switch to smoother remote working

Looking to improve your remote working capabilities? We leverage a range of cloud solutions to ensure that your teams can work effectively, wherever they are. Implementing Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and working with our sister company Phones 21, we enable easy collaboration from anywhere in the world.

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Client success stories

Portner Law – Improving security for a London law firm

Within the first 3 months of supporting Portner, we moved their outdated systems to the cloud, increased their security score on a third party cybersecurity penetration test by 80%, digitised their phone systems, implemented a company-wide 2-factor and encryption policy across, and deployed a state-of-the-art backup suite.

Since then, Portner have been able to take the COVID restrictions in their stride thanks to their new remote capabilities. They can access the documents and files they need from home, whilst making phone calls from their office phone numbers via their laptops or mobile devices. And by using Microsoft teams, they’re able to keep departments running smoothly, with clear lines of communication.

Hotspex – Solving remote working issues

Hotspex are a market research company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company has a team based in the UK, but still relies on its IT team in Canada for IT support. o21 started working as an extension to the IT team in Canada, acting as their ears on the ground and flagging potential issues.

We identified that the UK team was having issues due to the company’s document archive being based in Canada. Due to the physical distance, accessing files on the archive was painfully slow for people in the UK. To improve the experience, we implemented a local server in the UK that mirrors the archive in Canada, improving read and write speeds by 100x. Hotspex’s internal IT team no longer needs to manage these services remotely, and is now able to focus on improving other areas of the business.

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