GDPR Compliance for SMEs

Compliance Services

The GDPR came into effect on the 25th of May, 2018. We offer a comprehensive service to help get your business aligned with the requirements.

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Network Security

The GDPR requires that networks are secure. To accomplish this, we use industry standard techniques to segment sensitive systems within our client’s networks. Through the use of military grade encryption between sites, to ensuring only company devices are allowed on restricted parts of the network, we are able to build a highly secure environment for your business to thrive.

Device Security

The weakest part of any IT system, are the people using it. Users are often tricked into entering a password into a malicious site, clicking an untrusted link, or misplacing devices with company data (such as mobile phones or laptops). We offer our clients a range of managed solutions to mitigate these risks, such as company wide device encryption, cutting-edge antivirus and email threat scanning.


An area often overlooked. We can provide full documentation, including risk assessments, preventative measures, and processes for data breaches.

Another key service we offer is user education. We run regular training sessions on site, explaining how to stay safe online, and what to do if something does go wrong.

Asset Management

It isn’t particularly difficult for bad actors to gain access to user accounts. At Office 21, we have a robust security policy, on which we base our approach to each client’s specific security needs. This both reassures stakeholders, as well as helps to comply with the latest GDPR laws.