Internet Services

Office Internet & Wifi Solutions

Our Offering

Nobody likes to deal with the big 3, BT, Virgin and Colt. We have a priority relationship with a London dedicated internet service provider, who deals only with SMEs, to deliver up-to 10Gb/s leased fibre lines.

Taking an internet connection through us allows our customers not to worry about spending hours on the telephone in the event of a fault. We handle everything. We have negotiated extremely fast fault fix times with our partner, allowing you to focus on the important things.

Predictability can be nice

We know you don’t like surprises from vendors. That’s why our speeds, performance, bandwidth, and service level are guaranteed.

Get more horsepower when you need it

Sometimes, projects don’t go as planned…or you just need more. We are well-equipped to deal with your surprises. We let you burst your networks speeds more on-demand for as long (or short) as you like.

Security from the ground up

With us, safety and security doesn’t come at great expense to performance.

  • Secure infrastructure with firewall, MPLS and VPN offerings
  • Intrusion detection & prevention, network design & support


  • Guaranteed bandwidth speeds up to 40Gbits/sec
  • Connections that don’t drop
  • Fast response times for changes/upgrades


  • Guaranteed bursting capability on-demand for peak loads
  • More and more of your collaborators to seamlessly connect to are joining every day


  • CAPEX-Free, fully-managed service with 24/7 Expert Global Support
  • With predictable delivery times and costs, you can now actually set realistic budgets
  • You get what you pay for, you pay for what you use — we guarantee minimum bandwidth performance, not the maximum