Networks & Infrastructure

Secure Networks and Internet for SME

The (often) unappreciated Hero of any business

Many businesses don’t always appreciate that their entire companies data travels through their network. It is a key area to ensure security and reliability are built in from the start. At Office 21, we have specialist network operators and designers to ensure that all of our clients networks meet all expectations.

Using the most up to date industry practices, alongside tried and tested hardware, we ensure that your network is always operating at its best. With careful planning, we ensure that your network capacity can scale with your business, as your needs change.

Network Security

Networks pose a complicated threat to modern day businesses. It is important that employees are able to access the services they need in a quick and efficient way, however it is also important to ensure that effective security measures are put in place.

Almost 50% of businesses faced a cyber attack last year (2020 – DCMS)

We have in house network security specialists, who are able to bring enterprise security techniques to SMEs through the use of Zero Trust Policies, DDoS filters, Network Authentication Mechanisms and Encrypted VPNs.

It is expected that the number of cyber threats faced to UK Businesses will have risen by 35% by the end of the COVID pandemic. This is largely due to employees working from home, often on personal devices with limited security. We have been consulting with all of our clients to make sure that even though their business culture has changed, their security hasn’t.

Office WiFi

WiFi is something which needn’t be plagued with black spots, interference or dropouts. We use best in class hardware alongside surveying software to deliver a robust WiFi network which is capable of handling even the most demanding users.

Using the latest in roaming technology, our WiFi networks ensure that users can move from room to room, or even building to building, without dropping their connection.

Heatmap of Wifi in Office - Office 21

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