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Data Migration

Technology moves fast. Many of today’s companies are running on yesterday’s infrastructure. Having on site servers is no longer the way to go when it comes to services such as E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts and File Sharing.

Maintaining servers can be expensive, and without the right investment, can also be unreliable, not to mention the security impact of unpatched servers.

For those reasons, one of our best selling products is our fully managed, cloud migration service. We handle every aspect of each migration, starting from a complete understanding of the client’s needs, we work together to identify a migration path, selecting the appropriate cloud provider (Google, O365, etc).

After this consultation process, we work around the client’s schedule, to migrate all historical data from source to destination, out of hours to avoid any downtime.

Cloud Security

The cloud is secure, right? – Well it depends.

Every cloud platform we work with has the ability to be extremely secure, however its effectiveness depends upon its initial setup. For example, without 2 Factor Authentication, it isn’t particularly difficult for bad actors to gain access to user accounts. At Office 21, we have a robust security policy, on which we base our approach to each client’s specific security needs. This both reassures stakeholders, as well as helps to comply with the latest GDPR laws.